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Palo Cedro Seventh-day Adventist Church

August 30, 2014
11 AM


"The Face of Fear."

Darren Smith

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Bible Reading Plan 2014


Sun, Aug 31 :   Job 1-4
Mon, Sept 1 :   Job 5-7
Tues, Sept 2 :   Job 8-10
Wed, Sept 3 :   Job 11-13
Thur, Sept 4 :   Job 14-16
Fri,  Sept 5 :   Job 17-20
Sat, Sept 6 :

  Job 21-23

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Integritas: Wholly human for the common good - the Way of Jesus
We are a Christ centered community of
& Joy
through the transformative power of the saving life of Jesus Christ
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Fellowhip meal September 6th, come & meet the new Pastor after the service.

We ordered a new air conditioning unit for the church Sanctuary! As the cost is just over $8,000, we appreciate any donations you make and mark for this purpose on your tithe envelope.

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Have you experienced divorce or separation from your spouse? You are invited to join in a free 13-week Divorce Care seminar to begin weekly meetings Wednesday, Sept 17 at 6:30 pm at the Redding SDA Church. Workbooks available for $20. Contact Tanya at 941.2557.