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Bob Pickens Jan 15

Helping Hands Ministry Joins
Forces With the Redding Church

Thank you for coming out today and taking pictures. We got everything done we wanted to do by about 1 PM.
Ron and I will haul trash to the dump tomarrow. We got a lot done and had a great time.
We had a great turn out.
9 Members FROM PC
1.      Bill Adams
2.      Ken Denny
3.      Gary Amundson
4.      Harry Young
5.      Margie Van Zant
6.      Dan Van Zant
7.      Paul Edren
8.      Hal Williams
9.      Gordon Whiney (from the Bethel Church)
Members of Redding Church
1.      Dell Bryon
2.      Jim Thompson
3.      Vector Evans
4.      Pete Marar
5.      Micky Cambell
6.      Dick Seltzer
7.      Ron Sendorf
Work Done
Tear down old barn and stack wood
Split and stack fire wood
Remove leaves
Clean gutters and roof
Haul of trailer loads
Build fence
Helping Hands Minstry
Palo Cedro  SDA Church