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Noteworthy Community Events
A new group interested in exploring healthy plant based nutrition, meeting on the first and third Tuesday.

Next Meeting Tuesday February 20, 6pm
Plant Empowered Redding

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At the conclusion of last weekend's three day conference at Dr. McDougall's Santa Rosa headquarters, the key point was clearly, "Calorie Density."  Come to our meeting Tuesday, Feb. 20 and hear the video presentation by Jeff Novick as we sample nutrient dense soups and salads.
Share this event on Facebook and be entered into a drawing to win this hat!  Those attending will also be entered to win the drawing.  Share and attend to enter twice.  (Go to Plant Empowered Redding on Facebook)   
Where: Cypress Community Center 1318 East Cypress Ave., Redding
When: 6 PM Tuesday February 20
What: Potluck, “Beans and Greens” and lecture

East Cypress Community Center
adjacent to Redding Adventist Academy
We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6pm

1318 E. Cypress Ave

Eat well, be well, live well,
Mike Nelson, DDS
Facebook - Plant Empowered Redding

There is limited parking in the front of this building, overflow around back.





for contact information or donations -
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New Health and Fitness class starting 
at Redding Adventist Academy

 starts at 6pm Tuesdays and Thursdays till March15

Revelation Wellness group fitness classes are here! Come join us and move your feet and listen to truth and love. Let's collide faith and fitness together and experience freedom in Christ through movement. YOU BELONG! Come, just as you are. Give God your Yes and come move your body with us. We are excited to see you in January!
Link to the flyer is here
Suggested donation - $5/class or $70 for 8 weeks. To sign up, click here:

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1st Church Social
Redding SDA at Redding Adventist Academy
February 17, 6:30-9:30pm

Pizza Party and Game Night
Come One, Come All!                                    Saturday night at RAA School                              6:30pm – 9:30pm
We will have a short worship and then make and eat pizza.  The social committee is providing the sauces and you provide your own pizza crust, pan, cheese and toppings.  Please bring enough to share with others.  There will be prizes for the most creative pizza in each category.  Volleyball will be available and bring your favorite table game. 
Questions? Call Bonny, 524.0040.

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Dinner with the Doctors
Anderson SDA 
February 18, 4pm

Dinner with the Doctors: “Water”
Mark your calendar for February 18, 4pm and call to RSVP your spot at our Dinner with the
Doctors table when Dr. Galen Comstock, a retired medical doctor from family practice, will
speak on the wonderful creation of God – WATER. This is no small health issue! Having
worked in the field of medical literature research, Dr. Comstock will explain why “Water can be
healing or water can be dangerous!” Come and learn the dangers or how water can be beneficial,
even tend to cure disease. Dr.’s many articles about preventing the common causes of disease
and death testify to this fact.
What’s in the water you are drinking?  Bring a sample for FREE testing.
The program will begin at 4 p.m. with vital health information as well as dinner recipe discussion
and at 5 p.m., a deliciously prepared well balanced vegetarian cuisine will be served, designed for your enjoyment as you sit back and listen to the Dr.’s lecture.
Our health team endeavors to instruct listeners how to strengthen their immune system, lower
cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of many diseases. We would like to encourage you to
adhere to what Hippocrates, the ancient Athenian philosopher said, and “let food be thy
Seats are limited, so RSVP your spot at the table by text/call 530-515-8823 or e-mail
Location: Anderson Seventh-day Adventist Church
2769 Balls Ferry Road
Anderson, CA 96007
Admission: Free
For more information call: 530-515-8823

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