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Romans intro part 1
     Time & Place of Composition
     Purpose of Letter

Romans intro part 2    

Romans intro part 3
     2 Ages - Overall Outline

Romans intro part 4

Romans 1:1

Romans 1:1b

Romans 1:1c
     Doulos: Bond Slave

Romans 1:1d
      Called Apostle

Romans 1:1e
      Called Apostle part 2

Romans 1:1f

Romans 1:1g
      Origin of Gospel is God

Romans 1:2a

      The Attestation of Gospel Scriptures (1:2)

Romans 1:2b
      The Attestation of Gospel Scriptures (1:2)
Romans 1:5c
     The goal of the Gospel is, the Honor of Christ's name

Romans 1:5b
     The scope of the Gospel is, all nations

Romans 1:5a
     Purpose of the Gospel is, obedience of faith

Romans 1:3,4i
      The Substance of the Gospel is, Jesus Christ

Romans 1:3,4h
      The Substance of the Gospel is, Jesus Christ

Romans 1:3,4g
      The Substance of the Gospel is, Jesus Christ
Video 'HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD', Louie Giglio,

Romans 1:3,4e
      The Substance of the Gospel is, Jesus Christ

Romans 1:3,4d
      The Substance of the Gospel is, Jesus Christ

Romans 1:3,4b
      The Substance of the Gospel is, Jesus Christ

Romans 1:3,4
      The Subtance of the Gospel is, Jesus Christ
Romans 1:5a
Romans 1:5b

Romans 1:24-28b

Romans 1:24-28a

Romans 1:19-32b

Romans 1:19-32a
          Depraved Gentile Society

Romans 1:18-3:20e

Romans 1:8-3:20d
         Man under Judgement of the Gospel

Romans 1:18-3:20c

Romans 1:18-3:20b

Romans 1:18-3:20
         Man under Judgement of the Gospel
                 Jerry's whiteboard is shown. click on it for a larger image.

Romans 1:16,17f
         Salvation Revealed to sinners

Romans 1:16,17e
         The Power of God

Romans 1:16,17d
         8 Reasons why Paul is not ashamed of the Gospel
         On the whiteboard, Jerry has written the following.
         For a bigger picture, click on this one.

Romans 1:16,17c
        To the Romans

Romans 1:16,17b
        To the Romans

Romans 1:16,17
       The Theme
       For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes:
       first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.

Romans 1:7-15b
       Paul in Rome

Romans 1:7-15a
       Paul and the Roman

Sabbath School 12.28.12

Romans 1:6a
      Three Truths About You
      Hebrews 10:14 It was a perfect sacrifice by a perfect person to perfect some very imperfect people. By that single offering, he did everything that needed to be done for everyone who takes part in the purifying process.
Jerry did a very good job of giving us the names we use for YHWH. Click on the small image to get a larger view.

The Names of God
God names small picture

Romans 3:12-20

Romans 3:9-20

Romans 3:1-9

Romans 2:1-29n

Verses 25-29

Romans 2:1-29m

Verses 24-29

Romans 2:1-29l

Verses 17-29

Romans 2:1-29k

Verses 14,15

Romans 2:1-29j

Verses 11-16

Romans 2:1-29i

Verses 6-11

Romans 2:1-29h

Verses 4-10

Romans 2:1-29g

Romans 2:1-29f

verses 4, 5
Objective & purpose of Chapter 2

Romans 2:1-29e

verses 4, 5

Romans 2:1-29d

Romans 2:1-29c

Romans 2:1-29b
          The sin of self rightousness
          The sin of others is our sin too!

Romans 2:1-29a
Click on the image for a larger view

Romans 1:28-32a
          They became Vile, Violent & Viscious.

Romans 3:21-31d

Verses 21-23

Romans 3:21-31c

Romans 3:21-31b

Romans 3:21-31

Atonement and Justification

Romans 4:24-28b

Romans 4:24-28a

Romans 4:8-23a

Romans 4:16,17

Romans 4:13-17a

Romans 4:9-12b


Romans 4:9-12a

Romans 4:1-8d

Romans 4:1-8c

Romans 4:1-8b

Romans 4:1

Romans 3:27-31b

Romans 3:27-31a

Romans 3:24-26n

Romans 3:24-26m

Romans 3:24-26l

Romans 3:24-26k

Romans 3:24-26i

Romans 3:34-26h

Romans 3:24-26f

Romans 3:24-26e

Romans 3:24-26d

Romans 2:24-26c

Romans 3:24-26b

Romans 3:24-26

Atonement & Justification


Romans 7:14-25b  Feb 20

Romans 7:14-25a  Feb 13

Romans 7:7-13e  Feb 6

Romans 7:7-13d  Jan 30

Romans 7:7-13 c Jan 23

Romans 7:7-13 b  Jan 16

Romans 7:7-13a  Jan 9

Romans 7:6 a  Jan 2

Romans 7:5,6 d  Dec 26

Romans 7:5,6 c  Dec 19

Romans 7:5,6 b  Dec 12

Romans 7:5,6 a  Dec 5

Romans 7:4,5 a  Nov 28

Romans 7:4c  Nov 21

Romans 7:4 b  Nov 14

Romans 7:4 a  Nov 7

Romans 7:1-4c  Oct 31

Romans 7:1-4b  Oct 24

Romans 7:1-4a  Oct 17

Romans 7:1-25b  Oct 10

Romans 7:1-25a  Oct 3

Romans 8:5-13h  Aug 27

Romans 8:5-13g  Aug 20

Romans 8:5-13f  Aug 13

Romans 8:5-13e  Aug 6

Romans 8:5-13d  July 30

Romans 8:5-13c  July 23

Romans 8:5-13b  July 16

Romans 8:4,5-13a  July 9

Romans 8:1-4n  July 2

Romans 8:1-4m  June 25‚Äč

Romans 8:1-4l
  June 18

Romans 8:1-4k June 11

Romans 8:1-4j  June 4

Romans 8:1-4i  May 28

Romans 8:1-4h  May 21

Romans 8:1-4g  May 14

Romans 8:1-4f  May 7

Romans 8:1-4e  Apr 30

Romans 8:1-4d  Apr 23

Romans 8:1-4c  Apr 16

Warren April 2

Warren on Philippians  Mar 26

Romans 8:1-4b  Mar 19

Romans 8:1-4a  Mar 12

Romans 8: Intro Forest b  Mar 5

Romans 8: Intro Forest  Feb 27

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