PCSDA Church Bulletin

    June 19th, 2021

      Call to Worship: VBS

Announcements: Pastor Glenn and Pastor Catrina

Children’s Story: VBS Video

Father's Day Video

Worship Music: VBS

Offering Call:

   Local Church Budget 

    Kelly Dunbar

We can give our tithes and offerings by putting them in the boxes by the doors,

mailing them to the church, dropping them off at the church office during

regular office hours, or donating online at AdventistGiving.org.

Congregational Prayer: Janet and Pete McCloud

Scripture Reading:  Psalms 9: 9-14                            

Sermon: "Against All Odds" (1 Samuel 17: 23-49)

               Pastor Glenn Gibson

Worship Music: VBS

Benediction:  Pastor Glenn Gibson


Praise Team Leader: VBS

Sound Technician: Ken Denny

Elder: Kelly Dunbar   

Deacon: Steve Gheen


Happy Father's Day