August 20, 2022



  1. A Heartfelt Thank You from Jan Clendenon for all the help with packing, loading the truck and the food! Jan's phone number has not changed and her new address is in the church's online directory. 

  2. Slip 'n Slide Kickball - August 21 - Free for all high schoolers!  From 2 to 5 at Redding Adventist Academy

  3. Christian Women's Retreat - Sept 30 & Oct 7. Registration starts Aug. 16 

  4. Vision & Dental Clinic - Palo Cedro and Redding SDA Churches will be hosting a free vision and dental clinic. If you would like to contribute, please use the Local Church Events Fund on your tithe envelope or online. 

  5. RAA Work Bee - Sunday, Aug. 28.  Starting at 8 am. Snacks and drinks will be provided. There are many areas of campus that need attention - specifically:
    The gym, stage and sports equipment room. 
    The garden spaces and outdoor classroom space
    Pressure washing building walls and walkways
    Classroom needs/windows
    and more!

  6. Grief Care Team - Meeting planned for Sept. 3 after the fellowship luncheon. 

  7. NCC Constituency Meeting - Will be held on September 25 at Granite Bay Hilltop SDA Church. 

  8. Children's Prayer Calendar for 2022 is up on our website and the Weekly Word. Please remember to check it out and pray for a different child every day.

  9. Tithes and offerings will be collected by the Deacons by the exit doors on Sabbath morning. You can also mail them to the church, drop them off at the church office during regular office hours, or donate online at


PCSDA Family Prayer List:

  • Steve Gheen - Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Mina Wing - Ongoing Health Concerns

  • Deenie Torres  - Ongoing Health Concerns

  • Thea Nelson  - Ongoing Health Concerns

  • Steve Cochran  - Ongoing Health Concerns

  • Bella Peratono  - Ongoing Health Concerns

  • Sherril Denny's Brother


Church Family Budget

  • Amount Needed Each Week: $4,339

  • Amount Received on August 13: $7,977

  • Amount Needed Annually: $225,800

  • Amount Received YTD: $28,980


Offering Opportunities 

  • By donating to our Tuition Assistance Fund, you are helping to make sure that our PCSDA Church children get to attend RAA and receive an excellent Christ-centered education.